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 About Kingsley


Ring Name: Kingsley

Real Name: Tara Mae Bannister

Born: 8th November

From: Sydney, NSW

Height: 5’1″

Weight: 57kg

Years Active: 2017 – present

Active Companies: PWA, Newy Pro, MCW,

Wrestling Go!, FWA

Trained by: PWA


Fun Facts: Kingsley once had a red hair phase due to her love for former WWE Women`s champion Lita!

She is a very artistic person and has an art account known as Sliced Threads.

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There Can Only Be ONE Results 23/11/19
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Main Event: Team Frankie B (LUX, Velocities, Will Kiedis) vs Team Fivey (Shazza McKenzie, Nick Bury, Tarlee, Big Fudge)

Team Frankie B defeats Team Fivey

Winners: Team Frankie B

Halloween One Week Later Results
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Wrestling No vs LUX & Bel Pierce

After a Kirifuda Clutch on Bel Pierce forcing her to eventually pass out, Wrestling No wins.

Winners: Wrestling No


FWA Civil War Results 13/10/19
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LUX vs Kai Drake & Rhys Angel

After a little assistance from Kingsley, Xena pins Kai Drake for the win.

Winners: Kingsley & Xena (LUX)



MCW 9th Anniversary Extravaganza Results 12/10/19
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LUX vs Tarlee & Avary

Kingsley throws tea on Avary, distracting Tarlee. Xena takes advantage and pins Tarlee.

Winners: Kingsley and Xena (LUX)


9th Anniversary Extravaganza Results 11/10/19
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Match One: Kingsley (w/Xena) vs Kellyanne

Xena keeps interfering during the match.

After being caught, ready to throw tea on Kellyanne, Xena has been ejected from ringside by the referee.

In a moment of Kingsley`s panic Kellyanne takes advantage and picks up the 1,2,3.

Winner: Kellyanne

Kellyanne advances to round 2 of the MCW women`s championship invitational tournament where she will face a very familiar foe Jessica Troy.


Wrestling Go! “You Go Girls 2” Results: 5/10/19
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Match Number Four: Xena vs Mortar

After a run-in from Kingsley, Mortar defeats Xena via Disqualification.

Match Number Five: LUX vs Mortar

LUX defeat Mortar via tea water to the face followed into a roll-up.